Our Warranty is the best in the business. How can we be so sure?

There's a story to this...

Over the years both us and our fellow dealer associates, used a number of National Brand warranty providers such as RAC, AA, Warranty Direct, Warranty Assist and about 10 others. In our customers opinion and as the saying goes, we also felt "that they're not worth the paper they are written on".

Let's look at this from your point of view - Mr Customer.

If you are unfortunate enough to incur a problem with your new car then you're going to want to know a few IMPORTANT things.

Will the warranty cover your particular fault or will that part be excluded leaving you to pick up the bill?

Will your warranty have a claim limit? Will that meet the cost?

How much is the excess?

Does it include parts AND labour?

Will you have to pay 50% or more of the cost depending on the age of your car?

Once you've made your claim on the warranty will they respond saying that the fault although covered, wouldn't be eligible for a claim because THEY believe the fault was inherent and therefore void the claim? It happens.

The point I'm getting at here is that whilst you're in a rush to get back into your car you're constantly waiting for a claim decision that may not even be covered. This takes up your valuable time and it's also additional stress.

At Love Cars we cover your vehicle for all the engine, gearbox and associated mechanicals. We cover 100% of the parts & labour and we fix it as soon as we have a workshop booking. No fuss. As a responsible motorist you will of course have your own breakdown recovery service like AA, RAC or Green Flag. There's no cost to you for the warranty.

In the unlikely event of a problem, call us direct at Love Cars and we will get to work on a solution right away for you. Look at our reviews to support this and drive away with peace of mind.